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In 1973, this German-British Rock group had gone out as a horn-assisted Big Band in Chicago and BS&T style, defined by members of the Hamburg Top 40 gang The Tornados: featuring lead singer Ian Cussick, bass player Martin Tiefensee and drummer Dieter Ahrendt. They were joined by musicians from Gary Glitter’s Boston Showband – organ player Geoffrey Peacey and trumpet player Bernard Whelan.

For the band´s future West Coast Sound, this line-up seemed hardly typical. In order to arrive at their desired & definitive style, they acquired the sharp and sensitive voice of the Hanseatic Scotsman James Hopkins-Harrison.

When Alex Conti joined Lake, leaving Germany´s leading rock group Atlantis, the band had found their sonic calling at last. LAKE proceeded to plough the hard slog through the club circuit of the Republic – consequently, the songs and arrangements provided by producer Detlef Petersen and singer Hopkins-Harrison finally paid off.