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Lake – the german Beach-Doobie-Dans
“Commercial Songs – presented in a sophisticated manner,” this was always on Alex Conti´s mind during the time when the reputed Blues Rock guitarist joined the Hamburg outfit LAKE in October 1975 – “on the second day”, in the ancient biblical sense.

LAKE were and still are a stylistic mix giving The Beach Boys, The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan a run for their money impressing the Rock scene as well as the media: Backing the sound-defining lead singer James Hopkins-Harrison, this quintet were able to present delicate four-part harmonies as well as Jazz Rock grooves – and their soloing too was always world class.

LAKE have had their fair share of ups & downs regarding the line-up, especially with their lead vocalists, starting with Ian Cussick in 1973 (who left the first line-up to pursue his own career) - moving on to fellow Scotsman, James Hopkins-Harrison who tragically passed away in 1991 due to a drug over-dose. 

MIKE Starrs (Jon Hiseman´s Colosseum 2 & Lucifer´s Friend) – yep, you´ve guessed it – another Scotsman – fronted the band in the early Millennium – only to be replaced by Chris Thornton Jr. – who was then later replaced by yet another Scotsman Lloyd Anderson.  Anderson left the band in 2012 owing to musical differences and now LAKE have went full circle 40 years later with Ian Cussick.

TWO previous keyboard players were: GEORGE Kochbeck from Hamburg who fronted the infamous Georgie Red, and now scores music for television and film.

ADRIAN Askew – the man from Yorkshire UK, was the last keyboard player – a man who has worked with many top names including Atlantis (together with Alex Conti) ...

INGO Bischof stood in for Adrian Askew for one year – he had played also with the renowned Kraan & Karthago.

AFTER Adrian left, Jens Skwirblies took over the keyboardial duties of Germany´s First Rock Band.

LAKE did not start out as a Legend, but some 40 years after their first steps - they have become one. It just goes to show that millions of fans can´t be wrong...